Birkkalaspelt products


The spelt products of Birkkala Farm are genuine, original spelt. Our products, such as spelt flourand spelt grains are available in the following options: organic and carrying the Hyvää Suomesta (Produce of Finland) label.

Our spelt flour is ground on the farm, using a stone mill. The stone mill grinds the grain gently, preserving the nutrients in the spelt. Our products are available in all well-stocked grocery stores. Birkkala’s spelt products are also great for bakeries, restaurants and the food industry, and our products are also available in larger packaging if necessary. We operate under the supervision of the organic produce department of the Finnish Food Authority Ruokavirasto, and our farm is visited yearly by the inspector.

EU:n luomu-merkki
Parempi valinta - Bättre val-sydänmerkki
Hyvää Suomesta - Gott från Finland-merkki