White Spelt Flour

Birkkala White Spelt Flour is white flour made from the heart of the grain It is suitable for all baking and cooking.  In addition to a great flavour, white spelt flour adds fibre and vitamins to the pastry and food. This product is Finnish and organic!
Birkkala White Spelt Flour product picture
EU:n Luomu-merkki
Parempi valinta - Bättre val-sydänmerkki
Hyvää Suomesta - Gott från Finland-merkki
Kosher product

Product information

Ingredients: Spelt
No additives, no preservatives
Source of fibre
Source of protein

Made in Finland

Packaging sizes: 700 g, 4 kg & 20 kg

Storage: In a dry, cool place, protected from sunlightand strong odours.

Nutritional value (100 g)

incl. saturated fattyacids
monounsaturated fatty acids
polyunsaturated fatty acids
incl. sugars

Energy - 372 kcal/1557 kJ
Fat - 3 g
incl. saturated fattyacids - 0,5 g
monounsaturated fatty acids - 0,7 g
polyunsaturated fatty acids - 1,8 g
Carbohydrates - 73 g
incl. sugars - 0,8 g
Fibre - 4,3 g
Protein - 13 g
Salt - 0 g

372 kcal/1557 kJ
3 g
0,5 g
0,7 g
1,8 g
73 g
0,8 g
4,3 g
13 g
0 g