Semolina Spelt Flour

Birkkala Wholemeal Semolina Spelt Flours are milled from whole spelt grains to coarse whole-grain semolina flour.  They can be used for delicious berry and semolina porridges. They can also be used for preparing cake tins, crumbing fish and to supplement other flour when baking.
Birkkala Semolina Spelt Flour product picture
EU:n luomu-merkki
Parempi valinta - Bättre val-sydänmerkki
Hyvää Suomesta - Gott från Finland-merkki
Kosher product

Product information

Ingredients: Wholegrain Spelt
No additives, no preservatives
Source of protein

Made in Finland

Packaging sizes: 800 g, 4 kg & 20 kg

Storage: In a dry, cool place, protected from sunlightand strong odours.

Nutritional value (100 g)

incl. saturated fattyacids
monounsaturated fatty acids
polyunsaturated fatty acids
incl. sugars

Energy - 320 kcal/1330 kJ
Fat - 2,6 g
incl. saturated fattyacids - 0,4 g
monounsaturated fatty acids - 0,4 g
polyunsaturated fatty acids - 1,1 g
Carbohydrates - 59 g
incl. sugars - 2,7 g
Fibre - 10 g
Protein - 15 g
Salt - 0 g

320 kcal/1330 kJ
2,6 g
0,4 g
0,4 g
1,1 g
59 g
2,7 g
10 g
15 g
0 g