Spelt products

The spelt pruducts from Birkkala Farm are authentic and original spelt. Our products are available for both organic and with the produce of Finland label


Our Heart Symbol products are:

  • Birkkala 800g Organic Wholemeal Spelt Flour
  • Birkkala 800g Organic Wholemeal Semolina Spelt Flour
  • Birkkala 600g Organic Wholemeal Spelt Flakes
  • Birkkala 800g Organic Pearled Spelt
  • Birkkala 900g Organic Whole Spelt Grain (wholemeal)

Spelt flour from Birkkala is grained in our own farm in a stone mill. Our spelt flour are milled in a stone mill that mills the grain gently, so that the vitamins and minerals are not damaged. Our product are available in all well-stocked grocery stores. 

We operate under the supervision of the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira and our farm is visited yearly by the inspector. 

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Spelt and modern wheat belong to the same family of grains but there are some important differences between them. Compared to modern wheat spelt is a good source of protein and it also contains more energy. There has always been many believes about spelt and its benefits. It is f.e. said that the power and success of the Roman army based on spelt. Perhaps nowhere has spelt been so appreciated as at the Hildegard clinical practise in Constance, Germany. Built on the teachings of St. Hildegard of Bingen, a twelfth-century Benectine abbess, the clinic follows many of St. Hildegard´s dictums, but in particular her belief that body must be detoxified before it can be healed; her almost 2000 remedies and health suggestions; and her strong recommendations for the inclusion of spelt in the diet. Modern research has indicated that spelt protein is easily digested and that spelt is a better source of protein than not only wheat, but also oats and rye. The strength of spelt is different from the strength of wheat and that has to be taken into consideration when baking and making the dough: use a little less flour than normally. Spelt pastries have a beautiful brown colour and a nutty taste.

Spelt flour from Birkkala are milled in a stone mill that mills the grain gently, so that the vitamins and minerals are not damaged. There are no preservatives in the products of Birkkala farm.